9th August, 2011

posted 3 years ago

when u say u miss me do u really mean miss me ..or just my entertainment..
why is my heart so soft ..a few words can hurt it so much..it hurts so much i cant stand not crying while lying on my bed thinkin abt u..so..wads wrong with me?iloveyou so much seriously..argh..idk wad im talkin abt

17th July, 2011


how cute..


how cute..

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posted 3 years ago

i miss u:( so badly..i fall sick T_Ti need u -sniff-

30th June, 2011


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29th June, 2011

28th June, 2011

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(Source: doimakeyouhorny)

29th May, 2011

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posted 3 years ago


Three women are at a bar bragging how much sex they’ve had!

WOMAN 1: ❝I’ve had so much sex, I can shoce my fist inside me!❞

WOMAN 2: ❝I’ve had so much sex, I can shove both of my fists inside me!❞

WOMAN 3: ❝I’ve had so much sex… slides down bar stool

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